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Energy efficiency combined with technology and sustainability

We are a national and international reference in innovative sustainable energy solutions that are efficient, technological, reliable and accessible, valuing ethics and transparency in all relationships and operations, assuming a commitment to sustainability and work safety, professional training and a real understanding of the needs of each individual client.


Projects throughout the national territory, with branches in five other states.

International operations in Orlando, Florida, USA

Headquarters & Material Distribution Center:

• Sorocaba/SP.
Our branches:

• Canoas/RS;
• Rio de Janeiro/RJ;
• Curitiba/PR;
• Belo Horizonte/MG;
• Natal/RN.


As a principle of life worth, we value the safety of our employees and partners in all our operations. With ISO 45001 Certification, all services provided follow a rigorous quality standard, avoiding possible risks and developing strategies that meet criteria to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all.



Our mission is to provide the opportunity to reduce energy costs and increase energy efficiency while respecting Nature and the Planet. We have a team of experts who work tirelessly to identify opportunities and implement innovative solutions that ensure our clients to have the best possible results.


We started our activities with Volts Ampere Engenharia Sistemas de Energia in 2016 in the city of Sorocaba, São Paulo, with the aim of offering sustainable solutions, technology and management of the rational use of electricity.

Over the Years, we have grown far beyond our projections, expanding and qualifying our team, developing new projects and operating throughout the national territory, opening new branches in other 5 Brazilian states.

In addition to VA Engenharia, in 2017, we created Power Componentes Eletrônicos, responsible for supplying technology and electronic components. In 2019, we founded Volts Ampere Comercializadora de Energia, with the aim of trading free electricity, giving customers total autonomy to choose their own energy supplier. In 2021, we opened our first international branch, located in Orlando, Florida, USA.

In 2022, with the aim of offering a unique and complete solution to our customers, we unified our brands, creating the VA Group Sustainable Solutions.


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